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Polwarth Combed Wool Top. 8 oz. AR00001BSF.

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Polwarth Combed Wool Top. 8 oz. AR00001BSF.
Polwarth Combed Wool Top. 8 oz. AR00001BSF.

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Polwarth Combed Wool Top.  8 oz.  AR00001BSF.

Polwarth White Wool Combed Top.  It is perfect for wool spinning Fiber.  It can be used as a blending fiber or as the base for a blended fiber batt.  Needle Felting projects will be a dream with this white shiny fleece.  It could make some lovely floating clouds is a needle felting tapestry.

The Polwarth breed was developed in Australia by crossing merino rams to Merino/Lincoln ewes.  The goal was to improve meat production while maintaining high-quality fleeces.  The result is the Polwarth fleece.  It is very even, soft-feeling.  It is absolutely lovely to work with in any form.  Polwarth is not classed as a "beginner" wool because it is so fine.  It does have a longer staple so less experienced spinners may find it easier to spin than a shorter staple Merino.  It can be used as an introduction to fine wools like Merino or Rambouillet. 

  • 4-5 inch staple length
  • 23 micron count
  • 58s-62s spinning count
  • Next to skin soft
  • Natural White Ecru
  • Suitable for Dyeing
  • Suitable for Felting
  • Sutiable for Intro to Fine Wool Spinning

It is pure luxury to spin this into a fine yarn and make a lacey shawl.  It can also be a durable yarn for nice every day wear if sufficient twist is put in the yarn during the spinning and plying process.  

The white ecru of this wool top takes dye and color well.  Many "white" wools have a slight cream color to them.  This fleece is a much stronger white and less of the cream.  The fleece is elastic, resilient, and lofty even when spun worsted.  It is known for good draping qualities and bounce.  Ecru white fiber like Polwarth can be dyed into a rainbow of colors.  If you like a bright lovely white, Polwarth is the fiber for you.

Additional Information

Yarn Weight N/A
Fiber Choices Wool: Polwarth
Color Family Natural/Undyed, White
Color Attributes Natural/Undyed