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Ecru White Shetland Combed Top. 8 oz. AR00016BSF.

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Ecru White Shetland Combed Top. 8 oz. AR00016BSF.
Ecru White Shetland Combed Top. 8 oz. AR00016BSF.

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Ecru White Shetland Combed Top.  8 oz.  AR00016BSF.

Shetland Wool came originally from the Shetland Islands.  Shetland Sheep are now found in many different countries and places.  This Shetland Combed Top was grown in England.

Shetland Sheep many times have a double coat with a coarse outer coat.  This top has the outer coat removed .  This has left a lovely combed top.

  • 29 microns
  • 5 inch staple length
  • 8 oz
  • Natural Ecru White
  • Suitable for Beginning Spinning
  • Suitable for Dyeing
  • Suitable for Felting

A long staple is better for beginning spinning when you learning How to Spin Yarn.  The spinning of this fiber is comparatively smooth and easy.  It is also a lovely fiber that would work nicely for needle felting  and wet felting projects.

Shetland is known to combine light weight with unusual durability for it range of fineness.  This top is in a natural white ecru color.  Natural Ecru White colors can be dyed or left in the natural color.  This wool is suitable for spinning, felting, and blending.

Additional Information

Yarn Weight N/A
Fiber Choices Wool: Shetland
Color Family Natural/Undyed, White
Color Attributes Natural/Undyed