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Masham Gray Combed Top. 8 oz. AR00011BSF.

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Masham Gray Combed Top. 8 oz. AR00011BSF.
Masham Gray Combed Top. 8 oz. AR00011BSF.

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Masham Gray Combed Top.  8 oz.  AR00011BSF.

Masham is a breed cross between a Teeswater ram and Dalesbred or Swaledale ewe.  This cross has been employed for at least 100 years in the hill country of northern England.  The resulting wool characteristics can be a hand spinner dream. 

  • 6 inch staple length
  • Good Luster
  • 31-36 micron count
  • Natural Ecru Color
  • Suitable for a beginning fiber
  • Suitable for over dyeing
  • Suitable for felting
  • 8 oz of fiber

The natural light gray color is beautiful as it is.  It also provides a perfect canvas for over dyeing. The long staple length makes this a great fiber for beginning spinners just learning how to spin yarn. The resulting yarn is strong and durable, perfect for outer garments as well as rugs and carpets.

Additional Information

Yarn Weight N/A
Fiber Choices Wool: Masham
Color Family Gray, Natural/Undyed
Color Attributes Natural/Undyed