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Gray Gotland Wool Top. 16 oz. AR00003BSF.

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Gray Gotland Wool Top. 16 oz. AR00003BSF.
Gray Gotland Wool Top. 16 oz. AR00003BSF.

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Gray Gotland Wool Top.  16 oz.  AR00003BSF.

This wool is from the Gotland Island in Sweden. The breed was first established on the Swedish island of Gotland by the Vikings with Karakul and Romanov sheep.  The sheep were brought back from expeditions deep into Russia and crossed with the native landrace sheep. This is a dual purpose sheep for meat and wool production.

  • 35 microns
  • 6.5 inch staple length
  • Silver shiny top
  • Combed Top
  • Gray wool Ecru color
  • 16 oz - a full pound
  • Suitable for beginning spinning

Lustrous, beautiful silvery shiny top. Felts fast and easy!  Or spin it up into a delectable yarn that only you can dream up.  Blend with other fibers for something totally unique.  Only your imagination is the limit.

Additional Information

Yarn Weight N/A
Fiber Choices Wool: Gotland
Color Family Gray, Natural/Undyed
Color Attributes Natural/Undyed