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Grab Bag Fiber Wool Sample. 16 oz. AR00004BSF.

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Grab Bag Fiber Wool Sample. 16 oz. AR00004BSF.
Grab Bag Fiber Wool Sample. 16 oz. AR00004BSF.

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Grab Bag Fiber Wool Sample.  16 oz.  AR00004BSF.

Grab Bag Sample Fiber is full of various fibers.  This is what spinners dream of for How to Spin Yarn.  Needle Felting uses many types of fibers in small amounts so this grab bag is ideal.  Some of the add in fiber that I have included is mesmerizing with the stunning dyed colors of bamboo and silk.   This Grab Bag allows spinners and needle felters the opportunity to try many fibers in various stages of process without having to purchase large amounts. I have included some pictures of some of the animals that are on my ranch and will be donating fiber for the grab bags.

Your Grab Bag will consist of at least 5 different types of Fiber at a minimum but I may include more if I have a surplus of one type.  If you want more of the commercial luxury and bling add in fiber, you might end up with 15-20 different fibers to try in smaller sizes.  If you are interested in something specific make sure you email me. I may have Raw Fiber, Rovings, lightly washed wool locks Combed Tops or any combination of that. I will send a variety of fibers to give a full learning experience. 

The fibers that may be included would be as follows:

  • Lincoln Long Wools....both white and colored
  • White Mohair
  • Great Pyrenees
  • Border collie...colored and white
  • Mystery fibers...sheep wool
  • Blends of the Sheep Fleeces and Mohair
  • Alpaca
  • Llama
  • Combed Top Merino 21.5 micron
  • Combed Top English Shetland
  • Combed Top British Falkland Wool
  • Combed Top Corriedale
  • Combed Top Polwarth
  • Combed Top Masham
  • Combed Top Blue Faced Leicester
  • Silk Noils
  • Tussah Silk
  • Dyed Bamboo

and the occasional exotic find that I may have purchased but not used it all so I can include in various parcels.

I generally use the 1 quart/1 gallon Zip baggies, but also plastic grocery type bags for rovings as rovings are light and airy.  I write what it is on the outside of the bag for easy reference.

I will send a minimum of 1 pound of fiber total with all the samples combined.  I may include more depending on supplies while they last.

If you have special requests for a particular fiber, I can include more of that one (if available) over others. Send me a message so I can know what you are looking for.  I can somewhat customize your grab bag within limits of what I have available.

Additional Information

Yarn Weight No
Fiber Choices Alpaca: Huacaya, Camelid: Llama, Cellulose: Bamboo, Goat: Mohair, Silk, Wool: Bluefaced Leicester, Wool: Cheviot, Wool: Corriedale, Wool: CVM, Wool: Falkland, Wool: Gotland, Wool: Jacob, Wool: Lincoln, Wool: Masham, Wool: Merino, Wool: Polwarth, Wool: Shetland, Wool: Teeswater, Wool: Wensleydale
Color Family Black, Blue, Blue-green, Blue-purple, Brown, Gray, Green, Natural/Undyed, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Red-orange, Red-purple, White, Yellow, Yellow-green, Yellow-orange
Color Attributes Multi-Color