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Silk Noil. 4 oz. AR00148BSB.

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Silk Noil. 4 oz. AR00148BSB.
Silk Noil. 4 oz. AR00148BSB.

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Silk Noil.  4 oz.  AR00148BSB.

Silk Noil is a silk waste left over after winding the silk from the cocoon.  There are lumps and bumps that will take the dye well.  Blending in dyed silk noil, will scatter pops of color through out your Spinning Roving, Yarn and Art Batt. 

You can leave the silk noils undyed in their natural white color.  This is a fun way to add a bit of silk to your yarns.  It creates those interesting slubs, bumps and noils for a great textured art yarn.

This is great for your blending needs and is a 4 oz listing.  I wanted to make the lisitng large enough to really spice up your project.  It is an economical way to try Add In Fiber when you are Learning How To Spin Yarn.  Textured Art Yarn will have lumps and bumps and the Silk Noils are right at home in an Art Yarn.

Additional Information

Yarn Weight N/A
Fiber Choices Silk
Color Family Natural/Undyed, White
Color Attributes Natural/Undyed