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Dyed Red Bamboo. 1 oz. AR00147BSB.

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Dyed Red Bamboo. 1 oz. AR00147BSB.
Dyed Red Bamboo. 1 oz. AR00147BSB.

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Dyed Red Bamboo.  1 oz. AR00147BSB.

Dyed Red Bamboo comes in a convenient 1 oz size.  This is great for sampling a new Add In Fiber.

This fiber can be used in needle felting.  It will also work nicely as a blending fiber.  It would be lovely in a Tapestry Weaving.  I tend to blend it with Merino Wool most of the time.  I hand spin my Merino Combed Top with the Red Bamboo added in.  I have used bamboo as well when I have used a blending board and created rolags for hand spinning yarn.  I get both a soft luxurious and sparkling yarn after spinning.  

The bamboo just shines and reflects that light off the merino.  It creates a yarn that has so much more depth than even a blended dyed merino can achieve on its own.  It is a fun fiber to Add In when you Learn How to Spin Yarn.  

This Red color is very Red and intense.  The color is called Egyptian Red.  It sparkles with brilliance and light.  It is very soft and slippery feeling.  When I have used it in welt felting projects, it has a lovely crinkle that it creates as it goes through the felting process.

Additional Information

Yarn Weight N/A
Fiber Choices Cellulose: Bamboo
Color Family Red
Color Attributes Commercially Dyed