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Topaz Dyed Bamboo. 1 oz. AR00139BSB.

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Topaz Dyed Bamboo. 1 oz. AR00139BSB.
Topaz Dyed Bamboo. 1 oz. AR00139BSB.

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Topaz Dyed Bamboo. 1 oz.  AR00139BSB.

Topaz Bamboo Dyed Bamboo is in a convenient 1 oz size Add In Fiber.  You can try a small size like this for a sample to use in your projects.  It is good for spinning as you learn How To Spin Yarn.

I use it in Wet Felting projects all the time.  I really am mesmerized with the texture that the bamboo creates in the wet felt projects.  It can be used in Needle felting.  And I can see it being used in Tapestry Weaving.

Topaz Dyed Bamboo is a spinning top for hand spinning.  It is also a very popular fiber for Add In when creating Art Batts.  It will give you such a stunning POP of color for you batts, handspun yarns, and felt projects.

Additional Information

Yarn Weight N/A
Fiber Choices Cellulose: Bamboo
Color Family Yellow
Color Attributes Commercially Dyed